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Possible Bray Wyatt Link to WWE’s New “White Rabbit” Teasers Revealed, Another Hint for The Fiend

It appears designer Kyle A. Scarborough may be linked to WWE’s new “White Rabbit” teasers.

As we’ve noted, WWE has been playing Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” song in between commercials and matches at Friday’s SmackDown, the weekend non-televised live events, and then again at last night’s RAW. The house lights go down, the song begins playing, and then a red light comes over the arena as the song ends. WWE continued the teasers at last night’s RAW when a QR code was shown behind Austin Theory during a backstage segment, and then shown again in the crowd during The Brawling Brutes’ win over The Street Profits, which was shown around 9:23, the same time shown in the video. The QR code led to a page on the WWE website, and included a cryptic white rabbit video with a game of Hangman, which added to speculation that these teasers could be related to Karrion Kross or more likely, Bray Wyatt.

A message on the WWE website says “Feed Your Head” and then a video plays that shows a white rabbit going down a hole, and then the rabbit plays a game of Hangman. The question asks, “Who Killed The World?” The answer then says, “You Did” An hourglass is shown spinning at the bottom of the Hangman game, and then a “Come With Me” message displays as the rabbit jumps back into the hole. The screen then alternates between a white “9.23” and a blue “9:23” message on the screen. A white and blue rabbit also alternates with the numbers, and the white rabbit has red eyes. It’s speculated that this could be a reference to this week’s WWE SmackDown on Friday, September 23 at 9:23pm. You can click here for the original report from RAW, but you can also see the related videos below. You can click here for a report on backstage talk on the teasers and Wyatt’s potential WWE return.

In an update, Scarborough took to Twitter on Sunday and posted a photo of an evil rabbit, which is a piece he created a while back, not just this past weekend. He captioned the photo with, “Feed Your Head.”

As mentioned before, “Feed Your Head” is the message at the beginning of the QR code video that was linked during the two RAW segments, featuring the white rabbit and the game of Hangman.

Scarborough has done designs, props, merchandise and gear for numerous WWE and AEW wrestlers over the years. He’s also done tattoo work for pro wrestlers, including Wyatt. Scarborough is also known as the tattoo artist who brought Wyatt’s “The Fiend” character to life, along with effects artists Jason Baker and Tom Savini, who have had a working relationship with WWE for some time as well. You can click here for a January 2020 Slam Wrestling interview with Scarborough on how he met Wyatt and brought “The Fiend” to life, and how Wyatt’s creativity led to their creation.

It appears some people accused Scarborough of trolling or working the fans by tweeting the rabbit image. He responded and pointed to how he’s also done art for Kross, who fans have also speculated on the “White Rabbit” teasers being linked to.

“I’ve drawn @realKILLERkross before too, if you want to assume my work is trolling. [man shrugging emoji] Anyway, just remember what the dormouse said,” Scarborough wrote with a piece on Kross he created.

It appears “what the dormouse said” is a reference to a line from Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” song – “Remember what the dormouse said: Feed your head,” which itself is another reference to Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

On a related note, fans have pointed to how Jefferson Airplane also has a song called “Let Me In,” which of course is a phrase used by Wyatt.

Scarborough has also made several tweets since his “White Rabbit” teaser, which you can see below. It’s possible that these have nothing to do with the teasers, but one photo is a piece of Dexter Lumis. There are several more potential clues or hints in some of Scarborough’s tweets and replies from fans, but it remains to be seen if any of this is actually related to a new WWE program, and it could just be strong speculation.

You can see the aforementioned tweets below, along with the videos from Monday night:


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