PowerTown Reveals Kamala in Accessories, Dory Funk Jr.’s NWA Championship – Wrestling Figure News

PowerTown continues to trickle out details of its PowerTown Ultras Series 2.

The latest include Kamala with his mask, shield and spear accessories.

PowerTown has also shared a look at the NWA World Championship that will come with Dory Funk Jr.

PowerTown previously revealed the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship –a red strapped 10 pounds of gold version – that will come with Jack Brisco.

PowerTown also shared the U.S. title that will come with Wahoo McDaniel.

Series 2 is now available for pre-order. Individual figures cost $50. The full set of six goes for $289.99.

The lineup includes:

  • Jack Brisco
  • Wahoo McDaniel
  • Kamala
  • Madusa
  • Junk Yard Dog
  • Dory Funk Jr.

Follow the link to order.

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