Q&A w/ Steve Ozer of the Mattel WWE Elite Squad on WrestleMania Figure Reveals – Wrestling Figure News

Mattel WWE Global Brand Marketing Manager Steve Ozer gets into the weeds on upcoming WWE Elite, Ultimate and Main Event releases following the WrestleMania XL reveals. 

Ozer shares info on upcoming Mattel Creations releases, why it might not be time to get your wallet out yet for the Legends of the Territory Era 4-pack, how soon Elite tag team figures will be in-hand, how well the CM Punk exclusive performed and what makes a good Coliseum Collection pairing.

Ozer also breaks news on the Walmart exclusive Monday Night War line, with a special greatest hits Monday Night War wave announcement and name reveal, clarifies which attires are fair game, and explains what led to the Filthy Animals unmasked Rey Mysterio being replaced.

Ozer also covers the Great Muta, deep-cut characters, the upcoming Comic-Con exclusive Ultimate figure, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover, Fan Takeover figures, women’s Main Event figures, Retro playsets, WWE Superstars exclusivity and more.

He also discusses recent articulation changes and if they’re sticking around. How Mattel decides on Greatest Hits, Best of and From the Vault figures. 

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