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Wrestling Figure News spoke with Mattel WWE global brand marketing manager Steve Ozer on future WWE action figure lines for the Wrestling Figure News Podcast.

Below is a recap of the conversation, courtesy of J-Mann on the WrestlingFigs.com forum. A huge thank you to him for the recap!

You can also listen to the episode here.

Here’s the recap:

Mattel is currently working on SDCC prep, 2025 and early stages of 2026 line planning.

Legends of the territory era 4-pack will ship shortly after the pre-order. The 15th is currently just a placeholder order date for the item, that date could change. Price point for this item is under $100 and/or $100 max with taxes. (UPDATE: The 15th was confirmed and the price point is $80.)

Legends of the territory era is currently a one off. If this sells extremely well they would try to talk to WWE about exploring more options. Steve said to be completely transparent the talent pool is limited on talent pre-80s.

If you missed out on the Mattel Creations CM Punk Elite – WWE Shop will be getting a limited stock. Steve said Punk did VERY well in sales.

The Mattel Creations tag team two packs will be priced similar to other WWE MC items such as the LWO Elite pack, CM Punk Survivor Series return Elite etc.. around $50 most likely.

These pre-orders will start this summer sometime, and will also be clustered together in release time – back-to-back-to-back in somewhat rapid succession. These will be in hand by the end of year. Same box structure as the Mega Powers 2-pack. If these do well maybe they can explore more for 2025 and beyond.

The DiBiase/Steamboat Coliseum Collection pack will be a fall pre-order. Expect it in hand around the same time frame as last years Piper/Steele fall pre-order.

Mattel does not have 100% visibility at all times when WWE contracts expire with talent.

They’re doing a lot of releases on Mattel Creations right now – in large part because the Nitro Stage didn’t fund. That allowed them a few extra item offerings from the loss of the stage.

Steve would like to see more mainline Elites, Ultimates and possibly even exclusive items offered from Mattel Creations to round things out for better availability in the future.

Talking about the recent re-releases, there is no set system. When it comes to the Vault figures, Ringside has a big say in what talent/looks are in those waves.

Was asked how does a big star like CM Punk returning blow up your already existing plans? Steve said outside a couple things getting moved around, not much other than that.

Steve said we are still a little ways off on getting accessories for the scale rings. Also need retailers who are interested. Still not enough rings sold to justify accessories at this point and time.

Asked about removable hair – it will be used on a case-by-case basis. Removable hair is not intended to phase out alternate heads. Steve can make requests to design, but ultimately it’s designs decision.

They’re aware and working on improving the stiffness in the pinless legs.

Asked about getting more robes for Cody Rhodes figures – Steve said it’s up to design to try and capture some of those jackets. Cody figures are expensive, his gears are expensive and his jackets are expensive – so really Ultimates are the best place to get those jackets for Cody. With that said, they’re open to try and make something work in the Elite line. Steve said Cody’s Backlash gear and jacket from this past weekend may be accomplishable in the Elite line. TBD.

Talking about the UE 21 Cody Rhodes weight belt issues – Steve said it’s a brand new tool – and maybe they might have to modify the tool to make it a little easier to snap it on and off. Also said they need to ensure proper instruction happens so the deco goes on the right side of the belt. They will continue to look into it and see what they can do to make it better. Steve said if you get it on, and get it on the right way it looks nice. He admitted it’s difficult to do so.

Asked about the Rey Mysterio unmasked MNW Elite getting switched – Steve said all he can say on that is someone asked for them to pivot away from that. So that’s what they did.

The BAF NWO Vincent figure is apart of a “best of” MNW wave later this year. Same packaging, with upgrades of figures they’ve already done. One of those figures will be the “best of the Attitude Era” Triple H.

Regarding MNW figure attires being from Raw or Nitro – that will remain intact. However, with chase figures like Harlem Heat there will be more flexibility.

The SDCC exclusive will be announced earlier this year than previous years. That’s all Steve could give away about that at this time.

3.75” line is very unlikely.

Walmart wants to keep the Superstars line exclusive to them.

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