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Rhea Ripley Warns Charlotte Flair That “Mami Is Coming,” Says Charlotte Doesn’t Know Who She Is Without A Title

Rhea Ripley is ready to dethrone Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39.

Mami spoke about her upcoming title match with Flair during her recent appearance on The Bump, where she criticizes The Queen for not knowing who she is without a championship, a declaration that mimics a lot of the critiques made by the WWE Universe. Check out Ripley’s full thoughts on Flair in the highlights below.

Promises that Flair will be a shell of herself after she dethrones her at WrestleMania:

At this point, I’m just trying to get in Charlotte’s head and stay under her skin. When you think of Charlotte Flair, you think of the championship gold. Every time she’s gone, she comes back, and she’s in the championship picture, and she somehow ends up with the championship. Yes, she is that bloody good. But I’m gonna use that against her at the same time because I feel like Charlotte doesn’t know who she is without the championship, and once I take it from her at WrestleMania, she is gonna be a shell of her former self, and I can not wait to see that.

Teases that she will take the title to RAW:

I think the statement is taking the championship from her at WrestleMania. When she thinks that she is unstoppable, taking the one thing that makes her feel so very special in this company, ripping it from her hands and walking out with it, and then getting to hold it up, [on] SmackDown, Raw, wherever the hell I want to go. But her just knowing that I’m the SmackDown Women’s Champion, that’s all I need.

Sends a final warning:

The one thing that I really have to say to Charlotte is watch out because Mami’s coming, and you can’t run from me.

In a separate interview, Ripley spoke about her work with the Judgment Day, and how she never thought she would be in a wrestling faction. You can read about that here.


(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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