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Ric Flair Shares His Favorite Version Of The Sting Character

Ric Flair recently talked about a wide range of topics on his To Be The Man podcast. 

During it, he recalled Sting portraying a Joker gimmick in TNA Wrestling. The WWE Hall Of Famer noted that his favorite version of Sting was in the 1980s when he had blonde hair and wore colorful tights despite Sting’s best known for his dark black and white scarecrow gimmick. 

“I didn’t like it. That doesn’t mean it was bad. I’ve told him a hundred times, I like the Sting with the crewcut, the blonde hair, and the vest, and I always will. I understood the other thing because some guys want to change. Taker became biker Taker for a while. That’s when I worked with him. He’ll always be The Undertaker and Sting will always be Sting. He won’t be remembered as Joker Sting. I can tell you that. He’s still an icon. He is an icon. He’s an active icon.”

H/T to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription

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