Ringside Has Broken Me Financially & Spiritually – Wrestling Figure News

On this special A Wrestling Figure News Kinda Mood episode, Travis Moody from A Toy Kinda Mood joins to discuss a week packed with WWE pre-orders from Ringside Collectibles, including WWE Elite 111, Ultimate 22, Elite Survivor Series, Elite Greatest Hits and Top Picks and more.

But first Travis and Justin share their favorite toyetic attires from WWE Backlash in France, with a nod to Adventures in Collecting.

They also take a spin through recent image reveals, including the WWE-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover, Best of Ultimates, and Greatest Hits Elites, among others. They touch on the upcoming Legends of the Territory Era launch, the delay of the PowerTown Matt Cardona and Brian Myers figures, and the latest Jazwares Vault opening.

Finally, the show wraps with some favorite pickups of the last week.

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Watch the video of the show here.

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Music: “Hackers” by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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