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SH Figuarts Iron Spider w/ Tamashii Stage Unboxing

Today at AP Lahore I am unboxing this awesome SH Figuarts Iron Spider with Tamashii stage. This figure has become pretty rare in the collecting world and prices have gone up as of recent for this variation of the figure that includes the Tamashii stand. I acquired this figure just yesterday from the great people at This is Not a Toy Store – do check them out if you are a collector in Pakistan.

“From the new “Avengers: infinity war” comes Iron spider in his latest suit with a bright gold spider mark upon his chest! this figure has a flexible body with amazing possibility, capable of replicated many of Spiderman’s signature poses. Interchangeable hand parts (4 left & 4 right), 3 spider web effect parts and 3 types of eye parts are included. This set also comes with an originally designed Tamashii stage in a clear red color with the “Avengers: infinity war” logo.”

The packaging is great with a small window showing some of the included interchangeable parts.

 Some quick thoughts:

Articulation is amazing. Easily the best articulated Iron Spider figure out there. You can hit pretty much any Spider-Man pose you can imagine. As well articulated as the previous Homemade suit Spidey, but without the gapping issues.
– Incredibly expressive. Bandai includes 8 extra hands for a total of 10 hands. Plus 3 sets of Spider-Mask eyes. This allows you to add some real expressiona nd emotion to the character. Very similar to the Revoltech Yamaguchi Deadpool and Spider Gwen.
– The joints are smooth and flawless. Like butter. No resistance when posing, but holds every pose you set. Perfection. New for this body is the hips instead of the normal pull down hips is a more fully covered gap less joint extensions.
– Iron spider Legs! Well executed and articulated. The Hasbro ML left these off. The Mafex has them, but no articulation. Bandai nailed it.

Now lets get on with the unboxing gallery!

Awesome articulation allows for multiple poses, great design and setup!

The inclusion of the Tamashii Stage really makes a big difference, allowing for all of these cool Spidey poses!

Overall a fantastic figure that allows for multiple poses and comes with a wide selection of accessories to really set this up in any way you want. SH Figuarts + Bandai really took this figure to the next level.

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