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Shawn Michaels Teases More “Exciting Announcements” Coming Soon For WWE NXT

Some “exciting announcements” are coming for fans of WWE NXT.

WWE NXT executive Shawn Michaels spoke with KTNV Channel 13 out of Las Vegas, NV. this week to promote the upcoming NXT Battleground 2024 premium live event at the UFC Apex.

During the discussion, the WWE Hall of Fame legend teased some “exciting announcements” coming soon for NXT while talking about the TNA/NXT crossovers, which began with TNA Knockout Champion Jordynne Grace appearing on the 5/29 NXT on USA show from Orlando, FL.

“Well look, obviously a lot of those decisions get made by people above me,” Michaels said. “But look, I have no doubt that there’s gonna be some very exciting announcements coming down the pipe, let’s put it that way. I will say this, again, it comes back to wanting to entertain the people that do this and you just said it, for fans, we have wanted A, B, and C for so long.”

Michaels continued, “I don’t know. I guess with those of us that get to do this behind the scenes, those are things that we’ve wanted to see, why not see if we can bring you guys one of these things you’ve been looking for. Obviously a very exciting time to be a wrestling fan and we’ll see how much of it culminates Battleground on June 9, I’m sure a lot of things are going to be going on that night, so I wouldn’t miss it.”

Check out the complete interview at YouTube.com. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the above quotes.

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