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Shelton Benjamin Is Interested In A Hurt Business Reunion But Cannot Confirm It Will Happen

Shelton Benjamin was the latest guest on WWE’s edition of The Bump, where the decorated champion and in-ring competitor would be asked about a potential reunion with the Hurt Business, the faction that featured himself, MVP, Cedric Alexander, and Bobby Lashley.

Benjamin states that while he would love to get the gang back together, he’s not sure if that is in their future considering Lashley, MVP, and Alexander have things going on.

If you ask MVP, maybe. If you ask me and Cedric, we still got some kinks to work out before we can commit to that. Obviously Bobby’s got some things going on of his own, so there’s a lot of moving parts. Are we interested? Of course. We’re businessmen. We’re listening. But at this point, I can’t confirm that the Hurt Business is gonna get back together.

Full episode of The Bump can be found below.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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