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Special Event: Action Pak’d Photography Event

The AP Facebook group recently held a photography event for our members. The rules were simple – take a scene that you think is cool from movies, tv, comics, or anything else and recreate it with figures. There were tons of awesome entries that you can find below. I would like to thank everyone that entered this event and made it a fun week. I am always amazed and inspired by the creativity of the AP group members!

A big thank you to the following group members for entering the contest and sharing the awesome shots below (in no particular order): Ishaq Hasnajee, Ali Khan, Daud Shahid, Malik Nabeel Ahmed, Mubarak Sheikh, Omar Khan, Loki Oden, Syed Sohaib Mansoor, Sohail Ahmed, Muhammad Ali Samejo, Aurangzeb Marri, Zeeshan Ahmed, Arsalan Majeed Khan, Ahmed Bilal Haider, Ali Murtaza, Shayan Hassan Manj, Owais Ishrat, & Aahil Shazad,

Interested in following some of these talented fig photogs on Instagram? Check the AP stories over the next couple I’ll be tagging a few. I love seeing such talent and creativity from collectors in Pakistan. Awesome job by everyone who entered. Until the next AP event, collect on!

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  1. Amazing 😍

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