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Summer Rae Says She Did Break Natalya’s Nose Back In 2014 But It Wasn’t From Iconic Slap On Total Divas

Summer Rae remembers her days on Total Divas quite well, especially back in 2014 when she had a scene with Natalya, which ended up in Rae giving her a slap.

The moment became memorable due to Natalya claiming that Rae had broken her nose, something they referenced multiple times throughout the show. However, in a new interview on Busted Open Radio the former WWE star reveals that she actually did break Natty’s nose, but it wasn’t from the Total Divas moment. Check out the story below.

How people thought she broke Natalya’s nose from the slap she gave her on Total Divas:

The funny thing is, Nattie just had surgery on her nose. For years on Total Divas, she would always say, ‘Summer hurt my nose with the slap.’ I actually saw her last week and got in the ring with her and TJ. I was sitting with her after and she goes, ‘I got the surgery, from you.’ I was like, ‘No, from the years (of wrestling)?’ ‘No, from you.’ ‘Wait, I thought you were just saying that for TV.’ ‘You don’t remember in the ring, we were rolling around…’

How she actually as the one who broke her nose, but from something that happened elsewhere:

It was a completely separate scenario, and apparently, I literally did break her nose and I had no idea until last week. She was like, ‘It was a little roll up before Raw and I was drenched in blood.’ ‘Holy crap, I do remember that. I’m so sorry.’ ‘No, it’s great, I’ve had eight weeks off for my surgery.’

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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