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Tanga Loa Makes Surprise Debut At WWE Backlash and Helps The Bloodline Win

A surprise debut at today’s WWE Backlash in France.

The show opened with The Bloodline (Tama Tona is & Solo Sikoa) taking on Kevin Owens and Randy Orton in tag team action. The four men brawled before the bell could even ring, and it appeared the match was going to get thrown out. That was until Nick Aldis came out and declared that the match would occur under No-DQ rules.

What followed was a vicious back and forth battle that saw tables, chairs, trash cans, and other plunder used. It appeared that Owens and Orton had the match won, until Tama’s brother, Tonga Loa, pulled the referee from the ring. The fans in France, as well as the commentary team, were shocked. Tonga then hit Orton with the steel steps, which allowed Solo to nail Owens with the Samoan Spike for the win.

Full results to today’s WWE Backlash can be found here.

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