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The Rascalz Get Back Together On Tonight’s NXT

The Rascalz Reunite.

On July 9th, Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel appeared on NXT, joining Wes Lee (formerly known as Dezmond Xavier in TNA) for a Rascalz reunion. Just as Lee was about to leave, he was met by his old friends. The group declared that The Rascalz were back to dominate NXT, and the three shared a heartfelt embrace.

Previously, The Rascalz were a trio in TNA before Lee and Wentz (known as Nash Carter in NXT) joined WWE in 2021 to form MSK, while Trey continued his solo career in TNA.

Wentz was released from NXT in April 2022 after his estranged wife, Kimber Lee, made allegations of abuse against him on social media and posted a photo of him appearing to mimic Hitler. Following this, Wentz rejoined TNA, reuniting with Trey to reform The Rascalz.

Lee recently lost to Oba Femi at NXT Heatwave, failing to reclaim the NXT North American Championship. Due to the match’s stipulation, Lee can no longer challenge for the title as long as Femi holds it.

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