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“The Sky’s The Future For Him”

Ricochet knows that big things are in store for Will Ospreay.

The WWE star spoke about the Aerial Assassin during an interview with Digital Spy, where he praised his former rival, whom he wrestled around the world prior to signing with WWE back in 2017. Check out Ricochet’s full thoughts on the subject in the highlights below.

Thinks Ospreay could succeed in any wrestling company:

I think Will would fit in anywhere he wanted to go. I don’t think it matters what company. I think it just matters where he would like to go, and he’ll fit in anywhere he chooses.

Says the sky is Ospreay’s future:

He’s just one of those guys that, anywhere he goes, he’s just always kind of fit in and taken over. So the sky’s the future for him, and wherever he decides to go, I know he’s going to take it over.

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