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The Vault: Back to the Future Autographed Hoverboard

Action Pak’d followers – I am back with another EPIC item from my collection vault. This one is definitely in the top 5 in my collection and a holy grail piece for me. I’ve been a massive Back to the Future fan my entire life. Ever since I saw the first movie as a young kid I was hooked. The story, the cool futuristic depictions, and not to mention the gadgets! The entire series is very dear to me and brings back many memories. I still watch the films every few months, follow BTTF fan sites, and love everything BTTF!

This brings us to today’s vault item from my collection – pulling out the big collecting guns here! We’re checking out my Michael J Fox autographed BTTF Hoverboard.  The hoverboard may be the most iconic collectible item from the film, instantly recognizable by any BTTF fan.

The top layer is covered in lenticular film, which creates different colors based on the lighting. That is why some pics look more pink while others more red/orange. The color is actually more on the pink side matching the one used in the film.

The board itself is made from a combination of acrylic, styrofoam, and other hardening agents. On top there are various plastic materials, decals, and more. I acquired the board from a prop designer in the US who used an actual base model from the film to create these replicas. The colors are very vibrant, with awesome detailing. The top layer is a lenticular film that changes color depending on the light – hence why some of the pics seem more pink and others more red/orange.  The prop designer created only 50 of these boards so they are quite limited in quantity and sold out years ago. Mattel did release a toy hoverboard prop in stores but this custom board is far superior. Better detailing, better materials used, and overall a much more refined prop. The board is a full size version.

Now lets get to the autograph by Marty McFly himself! I was lucky enough to meet Michael J Fox in New York City several years ago. He was in town filming in production studio. The chances of even seeing him were very low but I decided to test my luck. I took my hoverboard and went to the filming area. After waiting in the freezing New York snow (it was winter time) for nearly 2+ hours he finally emerged from the building. There were a few fans with me as well and everyone started to shout his name.

Being the awesome person that he is, he decided to make his way towards us for some pictures and to sign a few autographs! I showed him my board and he was quite impressed. He even mentioned to me “this doesn’t seem like the one in stores, it looks great. Just don’t ride it on water!” (if you remember from the film, one classic line was that hoverboard don’t ride on water). I was in complete shock so I didn’t say much except that I loved his work and films. He autographed the board with a beautiful large signature across the bottom.

Bringing us to several years later, the board now sits in my collection in Pakistan inside of a custom acrylic case for safe keeping.

When it comes to my vault this is one of my most cherished pieces and definitely in my top 5. An epic one of a kind item with a awesome memory of meeting Michael J Fox. Check out some more pics below.

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