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The Vault: Breaking Bad Heisenberg Autographed Hat

I am once again opening up my collection vault to share something a bit different. Today we are looking at this “pork pie” Heisenberg hat autographed by the man himself, Bryan Cranston. As many of you know, he played the lead character Walter White in the hit TV series Breaking Bad which is one of my all time favorite shows. I have amassed quite a large BB collection over the years (AH) which ill be sharing over time but this is definitely a highlight piece.

Some quick backstory on this item: I was living in NYC at the time where they film a lot of American talk shows (The Tonight Show, the Late show etc), because of which celebrities are often in town. There are many websites that post which celeb would be filming incase you were a fan or wanted to check it out. I would check these websites every so often and doing so helped me meet Heisenberg himself on two occasions. The first time I waited outside a theater where he was giving an interview. To my luck, he came outside afterwards and greeted a few fans that were also hoping to get a glimpse. Luckily I had planned ahead and had the hat with me at the time just incase I got the chance to meet him.

He came up to where I was standing (waited for about 2 hours in the snow!). After speaking with him for a brief second, I pulled the hat out and asked if he would sign it. He took the hat, looked it over, and put it on his head! Almost transforming into the Heisenberg character immediately. He then took it off, said “nice hat” with a laugh and signed it for me. A truly one of a kind (and very lucky) experience.

Here are some pics of this epic piece which is one of my favorite items in my BB collection. The hat is made of felt so it picks up a lot of the fibers which seem like dust but don’t worry I keep it clean 😉

Nice clean signature in silver ink – I made sure to have a fabric marker with me so it could be signed if I got the chance.

I was very lucky to once again meet the one who knocks about 6 months later but that story will come soon in another vault post 🙂

The hat is stored/displayed in a clear acrylic case

Displayed with 6 inch + 12 inch Mezco Heisenberg figures. “If you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.

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