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The Vault: Bret Hart Ring Worn Autographed Glasses

Hey AP wrestling fans! We are back once again opening up our collection vault to share a unique item with you all. Today we are looking at a pair of ring worn autographed glasses by Bret Hitman Hart!

If you were a wrestling fan as a kid there is no doubt that you know of the excellence of execution. The Hitman was a true locker room leader for WWF for many years as well as being a technician in the ring. Many consider his work ethic and professionalism to be second to none and he has had a storied history in WWF/WCW/WWE over the last few decades.

“I was recognized as being an artist and a storyteller. If Hulk Hogan was the Elvis of wrestling, I was the Robert De Niro.”
 Bret Hart, Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling

Back in the late 80’s and 90’s Bret made it a habit to often present the glasses he would wear to the ring to a fan sitting at ringside. Some of the time these glasses were also autographed by him in advance just so he could make some kids night one to remember.

“The glasses…yeah those became quite popular in the WWF shop. Once I started giving them out at ringside it seemed like every kid wanted a pair. If someone could make a life long memory just by me giving them my glasses then I was more than happy to do so.” – Brett Hart, 199o’s interview with PW Illustrated. 


Ok, with that out of the way lets get to the item at hand! Back around 1992/1993 (approximately) my friends who were also my neighbors at the time were very big wrestling fans and attended many WWF house shows – I also went to many back then around the upstate NY area. Long story short, my friend sat front row at a house show in Buffalo, NY and was given these glasses by The Hitman. (Bret wore some variations of his glasses through the 90’s with the classic full pink versions, and light/dark pink pair, and these black + pink ones as well).

Sometime later my friend slowly lost his passion for wrestling and moved on to other interests so I had to ask about the glasses. I can’t remember exactly (was just a kid) but I ended up trading him some sports cards in exchange for the glasses and the rest is history.

I’ve had these glasses in my possession for over 25 years and unfortunately they do show signs of aging but are still one of my treasured items. They were definitely not made to last as they are crafted from a cheap thin plastic like material with a light foam backing which is starting to peel off.  Bret signed them as you can see with a black marker with his classic “Bret Hitman Hart” signature.

I’ve had several people ask to purchase these from me over the years but they will remain in the vault as token from the best there is…best there was…best there ever will be!

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