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Over the past week at the Action Pak’d Facebook Group I have been sharing rare and unique items from my Breaking Bad Collection. Below you will find all of those items in my complete display setup for the show. Let’s cook!

First a group shot – this is my current display setup for BB items. Some items are not yet present but will be added once they reach me in PK  – I will share an updated picture at that time.

Now, on to the items in no particular order. First an epic item from the boss Gus Fring himself. Who can forget the classic “box cutter” episode.

“Gus arrives at the lab but says nothing. Walt launches into a nervous, rambling monologue of excuses and justifications, trying to convince Gus he needs him and Jesse alive. He claims it is Gus who is ultimately responsible for Gale’s death, not them, and insists Victor cannot produce the high-quality meth Gus needs. Gus maintains his silence, even while changing into hazmat gear and selecting a box cutter from a storage shelf, while Victor grins in anticipation. Never changing his demeanor, Gus suddenly slices Victor’s throat with the green box cutter, startling the others. Through the killing, Gus simultaneously punishes Victor while delivering a stern message to Walt and Jesse. Gus drops the body to the floor and coldly eyes the duo to ensure his message was received. He quietly returns to his street clothes, then walks out of the lab, pausing only to say, “Well, get back to work.”
What we have here is a Giancarlo Esposito (Gus) autographed box cutter modeled after the same one used in the scene with the inscription “Get back to work”. A unique item that reminds everyone who’s running the show 
Next two special items that I have shared in the past but definitely deserve another look. These are items that I got autographed by Walter White himself on two separate occasions when I was lucky to meet him in person. 
Starting backwards but the second time I met WW was at a New York Times interview that was being conducted with the entire cast. I managed to not only get a ticket to the show but also sat front row (pic seen above)! It was a very intimate setting with only around 100 people total. It was a surreal experience as I sat about 5-6 feet from the entire cast of Breaking Bad as they discussed the final season for almost 2 hours. Almost like sitting down for dinner with them, it was that close. After the interview was over and they were exiting the stage I stood there trying to get Bryan’s attention and luckily he looked my way. I had the figure on hand with a marker (I am always prepared) and he saw it and came over to me. He grabbed the figure and said “Oh, I haven’t seen this one yet, mind if I keep it?” I laughed and said “You’re Heisenberg, of course.” He proceeded to sign it and handed it back to me with a wink. Unreal moment. I have included a picture showing me sitting in front of the cast. Funny thing, this picture was taken by Bryan Cranston’s wife and I later found it posted on her social media page. Really a once in a lifetime experience.
First meeting story – the iconic Heisenberg hat. I was living in the US at the time and found out that Bryan Cranston would be doing a talk show filming in my city. I knew that sometimes celebs would meet some fans after the show and sign a couple quick autographs, but there was no guarantee. To my luck, he came outside afterwards and greeted a few fans that were also hoping to get a glimpse. I had planned ahead and had the hat with me at the time just incase I got the chance to meet him. He came up to where I was standing (waited for about 2 hours in the snow!). After speaking with him for a brief second, I pulled the hat out and asked if he would sign it. He took the hat, looked it over, and put it on his head! Almost transforming into the Heisenberg character immediately. He then took it off, said “nice hat” with a laugh and signed it for me. A truly one of a kind (and very lucky) time.
The next item up is this epic 1/6 scale Heisenberg by ThreeZero. I have done a complete review on this item that you can view by clicking here. I won’t go into much detail here so enjoy the picture gallery.


Next up is a series of mixed items starting with a 3D Printed Heisenberg Bust. Being a 3d print, it has some rough edges and spots but those I plan to smooth out once I get some time. The overall details captured in the face/clothes are quite good I must admit, happy with how this turned out. Not sure if I will get it painted, it does have its own ominous look in this grey/silver type color. 
Autographed License Plates: These are replica car plates signed by Bob Odenkirk (Saul – lawyer up) & Aaron Paul.
Autographed 8X10 Pic:I like to call this one “the teacher and the student” Autographed by none other than Walt & Jessie – Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul. This is probably my favorite photo of them.
Replica ID cards: These are modeled after the ones from the show, Hank, Gomez, & a Saul Goodman business card.
Prop Los Pollos Batter Tub: Just a fun little prop that I’m sure any fan recognizes.
Complete series Blu-ray Barrel: A very cool way to have the blu-ray set of the series, the barrel opens up with each disc inside of these unique acrylic cases with objects from the show painted on them. Also includes a coin & apron.

Numerous figures from Mezco (regulars, variants, color sets, Gus limited blown face variant, 12 inch Heisenberg, & 18 inch talking Walt)


Funko Pops of various characters
Full set of ReAction figures
Bobble heads of different characters (1-2 are stock pics as they are either not displayed yet or on the way to PK)

And finally we come to some pretty rare items that include screen used & production/press release items.

Screen used Walter White cell phone case: This piece is pretty incredible and comes directly from AMC/Sony Studios. It was used in numerous episodes by WW himself. Yes, this is the same exact one you saw on your TV screens, not a replica. I don’t think there is a single episode where Walt is not on his phone & this exact phone cover was on that phone much of the time during several seasons.
Screen used Saul Goodman Matchbooks: Just like the phone case, these also come directly from AMC and were used on screen in several office scenes from BB.
Screen Used Cash: This $50 note was made by AMC prop department and used on screen in a episode of BB.
Screen Used Meth: This “meth” was made by AMC prop department and used on screen in BB. It used to be a bright blue but the color has faded over time. It is indeed rock candy.
During the airing of the show, AMC would send out very limited edition press kits to memebers of the press, usually before a new season started to air. These items were never available to the general public and have become extremely rare.
RV Car: This may seem like a simple toy but it was given out at the start of the first season to very select people in the press. I have never seen another one like it ever come up for sale. Super rare item that has become very scarce and sought after by BB collectors.
Test Tube & Meth: The meth is the screen used meth as mentioned above – the test tube is AMC branded was also a press only item.
Heisenberg Day of the Dead Figure: This may be the rarest item of all. This was hand crafted by AMC prod dept. and sent to a couple higher up members of the press at the time of season 3. In all my years of BB collecting I have never come across another one – extreme rarity to ever find. It is detached from its base on the bottom. Rarity level 10/10 – as good as it gets.
I hope everyone enjoyed Breaking Bad week and the items shared above – I am always on the hunt for new BB items so stay tuned for updates in the future. Did you enjoy this post? Great! I unbox and share items every few days so keep following actionpakd.com for all of our updates. If you are a fellow collector in Pakistan of action figures, collectibles, and more then join the Action Pak’d community on Facebook by clicking here for regular unboxings, giveaways, reviews, and more.

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