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The Vault: Ultimate Warrior Autographed Mini Belt

Hey AP crew! I am back with another item from my collection vault, this time taking a look at this rare WWF Ultimate Warrior autographed mini IC belt. Throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s the Warrior was one of the hottest WWF superstars with matches that old-school wrestling fans will never forget. His battles with Macho Man, Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaughter and others were some of the most memorable events in wrestling history. His unique style, face paint, clothing, and overall warrior mentality helped him quickly rise in the ranks and become a fan favorite.

Who can ever forget his legendary match against Hogan at WrestleMania VI where Warriors IC belt was on the line against Hogan’s WWF Championship. Pure gold for a young wrestling fan like myself during that time to see two legends go head to head.

It was around 2011 that I had the chance to meet the Warrior himself at a autograph signing in upstate New York (I was living in NY at the time).  I managed to get a ticket for the event and took my classic yellow color mini intercontinental belt replica with me. He was very polite and took a minute to hear me rambling on about how I was such a big fan and how his matches were some of the most memorable from my childhood. He did mention to me that the yellow IC belt was his favorite and that he came up with the idea for the color change to create something unique for his character.

As you can see the Warrior signed the belt with a black felt marker at the ends of both sides. The belt itself is made of leather with solid metal plates on top. It is a heavy duty replica of the original, just smaller in size.

After signing the belt a seal of authenticity was applied to the back for proof that this was indeed signed by the legend.

The belt also has a old school WWF belt bag for storage.

Though photographs for some reason were not allowed during the signing I did manage to grab a quick shot without anyone noticing. Here he is signing the belt.

Overall a special piece in my collection from one of my favorite wrestlers of all time that now is proudly displayed in my collection vault in Pakistan. Feel the power of the Ultimate Warrior!

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