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TMNT Funko Soda Can Unboxings (updated)

Today at AP I’m going can crazy as we check out some more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Funko Soda figures! Previously I unboxed (or un-canned?) a few TMNT characters such as Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Shredder. Today I just got in the Bebop & Donatello cans and we’ll take a look at all of them together. Let’s get poppin!

As you may know, the Funko Soda line of figures started well after the original Funko Pop line had dominated the market in terms of collectibles and product lines. Funko seems to have a license agreement with pretty much every single character, super hero, tv show, and movie there is with thousands of pops available. The Funko Soda line has grown over the last year with a decent selection and I expect it to continue riding off the popularity of its older brother. Each figure comes inside of a “soda can” which is a unique collectible in itself. Inside the can we have a small pog/chip showing the character and the limited number run.

The Bebop and Donatello figures keep with the same design style as the previous TMNT versions. Both are solid, non articulable figures that pop (no pun intended) with bright, vibrant colors. Every soda figure is limited edition in the number of releases it has along with chase variants that are even more limited (previously I shared the Leo pop that was a chase version). Unfortunately no new chase figures in these cans but still a nice set.

At first I wasn’t sure about getting into “can collecting” but I have to admit that I like the overall look and display of these forms of pops, especially with several of them lined up. We’re missing Ralph and Rocksteady but they are in line to be released in the next couple months. I hope the line further expands with more characters (April, Splinter, Metalhead etc) in the future. Until then, cowabunga! Here are some group shots.

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