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TNA Wrestling Touts The Rascalz Reunion, Joe Hendry Appearance On July 9 Episode Of WWE NXT

The WWE NXT and TNA Wrestling crossovers continued this week.

As noted, Joe Hendry appeared on the July 9 episode of WWE NXT, teaming with Trick Williams to defeat the team of Ethan Page and Shawn Spears in the main event.

Also on the show, The Rascalz reunited with Wes Lee.

After the episode wrapped up, TNA Wrestling released the following to promote their stars once again appearing on the weekly NXT on USA prime time Tuesday night program on the USA Network.

Joe Hendry Triumphs, The Rascalz Reunite on WWE NXT

As NXT Heatwave was coming to a close, Joe Hendry made his presence felt. Just days later on the July 9th episode of NXT, Hendry once again stunned the wrestling world. This time, he appeared on the screen behind Trick Williams as Trick was talking about finding a new tag team partner following Brooks Jensen’s attack on Je’Von Evans.

The anticipation reached new heights as Trick Williams entered the ring alone. Then, the infamous phrase “Say His Name And He Appears” echoed throughout the arena, igniting the WWE NXT Universe! Together, they faced off against NXT Champion Ethan Page and Shawn Spears. It was an electrifying match as Hendry and Williams emerged victorious, with Hendry securing the win with his signature move, the Standing Ovation!

At NXT Heatwave, Wes Lee suffered a tough loss to Oba Femi, leaving everyone wondering what was next. The answer came when Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz made their unexpected appearance on NXT. Joining Wes Lee in the ring, the trio embraced and declared that it was time to get The Rascalz back together!

Backstage, Wes Lee, Zachary Wentz, and Trey Miguel gathered, buzzing with excitement about their reunion. Their joyful moment was interrupted by Gallus, who mocked the three best friends and warned the rest of TNA to stay away. As Gallus walked off, they couldn’t resist cracking a joke about “Saying His Name”.

It was then announced that The Rascalz will face off against Gallus next week on NXT! The anticipation for this showdown is already building!

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