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Triple H Reveals Plans for WarGames at WWE Survivor Series, Why He Keeps Bringing WarGames Back

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H says adding WarGames to Survivor Series is the next evolution of one of the biggest events of the year, and it should make the classic event even more memorable. He also revealed early creative plans for the bouts.

As noted WWE announced today that a men’s and women’s WarGames match will be held at the WWE Survivor Series Premium Live Event on Saturday, November 26 from the TD Garden in Boston, MA. This is the first time WarGames has been featured on the main roster. Triple H spoke with The Ringer and revealed that these will not be RAW vs. SmackDown matches as they will be more storyline-driven.

“We’ll have a men’s WarGames match and a women’s WarGames match. The tradition of the Survivor Series has ebbed and flowed and changed slightly over time, but this will be similar to that,” he said. “This will not be Raw versus SmackDown. It will be much more story-line driven. I still look at it as a traditional component to Survivor Series in there because it’s large teams of people competing. We just upped the ante a little bit with WarGames and made it evolve.”

WWE brought the double-cage match back in 2017 for a WWE NXT TakeOver show. The special event was held in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Triple H said it’s his lifelong pro wrestling fandom that keeps him coming back to WarGames. He made the decision to bring WarGames to the main roster by approaching it as a fan.

“One of the things that Vince used to always say is if you put yourself in the seats, you could never go wrong,” Triple H recalled. “Now, all fans have different points of view. All you gotta do is go online now and you’ll see every single person has a different point of view and they’re happy to express it. But I think if you go out there and you think, What would you wanna see? If you’re a fan and you just love what we do, what would you want to see?”

He added in a tweet, “The next evolution of one of @WWE’s most historic events. The addition of #WarGames to #SurvivorSeries should make this classic event even more memorable.”

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