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Unboxing: Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul Royal Bobbles Collection

Bobble heads have been around for ages, dating back many decades and being a still heavily collected genre today. For the most part they are simple, plastic based mini statues with heads that, you guessed it, bobble around when shaken. Not much had changed over the years until a company called Royal Bobbles came along and introduced higher end pieces with more details than what we have seen before. Today I will be taking a look at all 5 bobbles from two brilliant AMC shows Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul, including Jimmy McGill, Gus Fring, Kim Wexler, Hector Salamanca, & Mike Ehrmantraut.

The boxes for each piece display the character model on the front with various images from the show on the sides. Nice packaging with an all around design. Here we can see all 5 pieces we will be looking at in this unboxing.

Inside of the packaging each bobble is surrounded in Styrofoam for protection and inserted inside of a inner plastic bag. Since these are somewhat delicate its good to see they took care to avoid damage. These are heavy pieces, much heavier than expected which is a good sign of solid build quality.

Upon opening up all 5 boxes we have the main characters in front o us, each looking great with solid detail. Bright & vibrant colors really make these pop.

Each piece comes with its own display base that has the characters name on the front along with some “scene design” based on the character. Under each base you get a certification from Royal Bobble for its authenticity. Let’s take a closer look.

Gus Fring comes with this ever so famous “I will kill you” stare, dressed in a instantly recognizable yellow shirt and tie. His facial details are really well done and resembles the on screen character.

At the base we can see the character name “Gus” and a design from his Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant, with the restaurant flooring and a seating table behind. Great touch here to add an additional level of depth and detail.

Next we have Jimmy McGill, the star of Better Call Saul and also known by his street name Saul Goodman. As you would expect from the character, he comes dressed in a bright pink suit and yellow tie – always looking to impress.

The base here depicts a wooden floor along with his coffee cup and briefcase. Really well done.

Up next we have his partner in crime and love interest Kim Wexler. Again, even with a somewhat cartoon type look the details are fantastic with the facial expressions.

The base here depicts the office that her and Jimmy first open up with the tile flooring and the recognizable paint job that was done on their office wall behind.

Moving on to the silent hitman Mike Ehrmantraut we can again see that Royal really aimed to add facial features and definition in the face to create a realistic representation of the character and with Mike it’s spot on.

Along with the name at the base we have a broken section of pavement and the desert where he has disposed of many bodies during his employment with Gus & Jimmy.

Finally we have perhaps the most detailed of the lot with Hector Salamanca. The facial details are brilliant with Hector in his wheelchair, fuming with anger. He has his signature hat on top, oxygen lines, and the infamous bell on his seat handle. The bell is actually battery powered and lets out a ringing sound when pressed. Very cool touch.

The base here is fairly simplistic as its taken over by the wheelchair base.

Overall this is a fantastic set from Royal Bobbles and some of the best bobble heads I have ever seen. Very sturdy and solid build, awesome details and paint jobs, these are a must have for Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul fans like myself. Excited to see the new releases coming from RB with Walter White next on the list for release in Q1 2022.

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