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Unboxing: BTTF2 Universal Studios Nike Air Mag Shoes

As many of you know, I am a bit Back to the Future fan & collector. I have shared many BTTF items over the last few months and am very excited to be adding this iconic piece. These shoes were sold for a limited time and in small quantity at Universal Studios as part of the BTTF anniversary years ago and are an item I have been after for a while.

The shoes themselves did not include the Nike logos (due to copywrite) but otherwise are modeled similar to the ones used in the film. I purchased a upgrade kit from a well known prop maker that combined with these shoes brings them to a nice collector quality and a pretty good match to the films version. The images shared below are after applying the conversion kit to the sneakers. Let’s get to the unboxing!

There is no mistaking what is inside when looking at the box. Nice blue color with the large BTTF  logo on the front. The side shows these were made exclusively for Universal Studios.

When opening it up we see some BTTF branded paper and of course the shoes inside with their charging cable (battery is internal to power up the lights).

The shoes are made from, well, shoe material including soft foam for some of the detailing parts. The bottoms/straps are more hard rubber with the internal lighting system inside of the sole.

In case you were wondering, there are no power up laces but these are one sweet looking pair of sneakers.

The front profile view shows the iconic NIKE logo on the sneaker tongue portion and those famous white straps.

At the back we see the NIKE MAG logos along with the small ports for the charging cable as well as a power ON/OFF button to turn on the lights.

After charging and powering these up you can see the lights shining bright – it’s a bit hard to get the actual light depiction in a photo as the led sort of disperse but you get the idea. A nice red/orange mix in the back light and the cool blue along the side sole area. In person they look better than expected all lit up.

Overall I am very impressed with these shoes.  The conversion kit really takes them to the next level making a awesome collectible for true Back to the Future fans. What’s next for my BTTF collection? Only the future will tell…

Of course I had to get some shots of the shoes along with my Michael J Fox autographed hoverboard to really make the dream come alive.

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