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Unboxing + Build: NECA Street Scene Diorama

Today’s unboxing is a bit different. It is an item I have had my eye on for quite some time and finally got it in my hands here in PK. An item to take collection display to the next level. I’m talking about the epic Neca Street Scene Diorama!

The first thing that is immediately noticeable is that this is a LARGE item. The box is fairly heavy and even though assembly is required it commands a large size.

  • NECA’s street scene diorama sized to work with most 6″ – 9″ action figures
  • Measures over 2 feet wide, over 18 inches tall and over a foot deep
  • Displays more than 30 figures at once
  • Features: 3 levels, clear window panels and full color cardboard backdrop
  • Some assembly required

From Neca: Take your action figure collection to the next level with this incredible diorama piece! Create amazing scenes from your favorite movies, TV shows and more with this huge street scene diorama, sized to work with most action figures from 6 to 9 inches tall. At over 2 feet Wide, over 18 inches tall, and over a foot deep, It’s massive enough to display more than 30 figures at once. The three levels offer multiple display options, plus it has clear window panels and a full color cardboard backdrop. Some assembly required. Full color closed box packaging.

Upon opening the box we can see there are several large pieces to be put together along with some attachment details. Let’s get building! Instructions are clearly laid out to build the diorama level by level. The texture and feel on the walls is great – really gives a nice appearance of “bricks.” There are connecting tabs to simply snap together many of the larger floor/wall pieces.

The window each have a individual plastic insert that must be connected. Nice touch here to have each individual window be its own part, really takes the overall design to the next level. So far very impressed! Let’s snap together several windows.

The first floor level contains the metal shutter door, two windows, along with a water pipe and AC unit to be attached. Very cool.  The small holes that you see are for adding the 3 dimensional bricks later on to give the set even more depth.

These make a huge difference as instead of just a flat solid wall they allow for various parts of the brick to be sticking out, uneven etc to give a authentic look.

The second level contains 4 windows, water pipe, and more of the 3d bricks. The base on level 2 is large enough to hold numerous figures – this thing is getting big!

After snapping together several more pieces, windows, and accessories level two is done. Wow, I really am blown away as I build this together. The scale and quality far exceeds my expectations. The 2nd level has a roof/ledge over it which creates yet another platform to place figures on.

Time for the final steps. There are several attachments that must be placed at the back to help support the overall structure. After applying those I can safely say this thing is very solid. The top backdrop for the diorama allows you to attach either a daytime or nighttime scene that displays above the building, taking this beast to over 2 feet tall. When Neca says you can display many figures on this they aren’t kidding!

Overall I could not be happier with this purchase. Neca has really created one of the best diorama displays I have ever seen. The details, scale, and overall solid build quality truly make this a must have for anyone looking to set up their figure display.

Here is the full build using the daytime backdrop scene.

With the night backdrop scene.

While you can display any 6-9 inch figures, I will be using this specifically for my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collection from, you guessed, it, Neca. Here are some quick preview shots below with a couple figures added – I am working on a full display and will be sharing that in the next few days with a bunch of TMNT figures included.

Full diorama setup with multiple figures coming very soon! Neca has outdone themselves with this one.

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