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Unboxing: Captain America Modern Myth ArtFX Statue by Kotobukiya

Today’s unboxing comes from Kotobukiya’s “Modern Myth” series, a series that takes a characters’ classic styling to a modern level, featuring Captain America! Standing at over a foot tall, Cap has an all new detailed sculpt and detailed painting for a stunning appearance. He holds his shield and stands atop a decorative base and is designed after the classic suit and design style so no Chris Evans to be found here. When this piece was first released it came in at a price of $120-$145 but is now sold out in most places. Let’s get to the unboxing.


The main exterior box has an interesting use of black and white comic book art behind the logos and photos, which helps add some dimension and depth to the otherwise basic box.  Inside, he’s packed in the usual plastic trays, with two levels this time to hold the seven different pieces. Assembly is fairly straight forward, and doesn’t require much in the way of instruction – just stick the magnetic pieces together and you are good to go.

Really liking the box design though with the huge Cap logo/shield on one side and the statue image on the other. Gives it a premium feel and look.


The inside as mentioned has two levels of trays for the statue pieces and “accessories” which include 2 sets of hands, the base, and shield. The hand sets let you post the statue with his shield in either position which is a nice touch for a statue.

Each piece simply slides together with others to quickly get this statue set up and ready to display. The base is very solid and gives you security that this piece wont be falling over or suffer from any leaning,


The bright, deep, and vibrant colors really bring this piece to life and exude classic Cap. A deep blue with the pops of red and white are all very well painted and give great detail to the statues overall build. There is a good use of shading as well to give some depth and to highlight the features. Very crisp overall paint job throughout.

The statue gives off different shades of blue based on the lighting so Ill try and share a few varied shots.


Though this is sort of a generic Cap you can sort of see a mix of actors portrayed in the face design. The overall build is very solid and has pretty impressive details for the statue in this price range. Since this is made from solid PVC it has a good weight to it and is much less prone to any sort of damage or breaking. This guy can take a few hits for sure. This is one of the larger ArtFX statues (as opposed to the ArtFX+), and he stands about 12 1/2″ tall with the base.

The option to pose with the shield in either hand is a nice touch and one that you don’t generally see with statues from this maker. The standing pose is nice and gives the character a powerful look.


I am a big fan of the classic Cap look so am excited to add this piece to my collection. It’s size, details, paint job, and overall build make it great value for the cost in my opinion and it matches up very well with the other statues by Kotobukiya in this series.

“The price of freedom is high, it always has been. And it’s a price I’m willing to pay. And if I’m the only one, then so be it. But I’m willing to bet I’m not.” 

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