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Unboxing: Hot Toys BTTF Marty McFly

BTTF fans we have a special one today! In this unboxing I am checking out an epic Marty McFly Back to the Future figure by Hot Toys. If you know anything about Hot Toys it’s that they spare no expense in details, clothing, and overall build – will this hold true for Marty? Let’s get to unboxing!

The front and back of the box display familiar BTTF designs with the DeLorean blasting back in time along with the artist names on the back who helped create this piece.

Upon opening the box we have a pull out insert that give a few more details on the build – the box is a bit damaged but luckily the figure inside is not affected.

Once we get to the figure we can see the fully laid out set of items. We have, of course, the Marty McFly figure in center with a nice sized assortment of accessories, hand sculpts, and a Hot Toys BTTF stand. The accessories include his video camera, backpack, skateboard, clock tower flyer, sunglasses, and Walkman with headphones. Each of these items has been crafted to match the movie and spare no details as we can expect from Hot Toys.

The backpack is made from cloth with actual zippers attached, the headphones are metal + plastic with excellent details, and the clock tower flyer even has he note from Jennifer on the back. I am impressed.

Walkman in vest pocket, headphone around neck.

There is also a small instruction booklet included letting you know where to setup some of the items as well as what not to do – Hot Toys does not want you to mess this up!

The figure is properly packaged with protective bags around the head sculpt and hands. Once we remove those we can see the figure in all it’s glory. At first I wasn’t sure about the head sculpt details from images I had seen but in person it is truly wonderful. A great representation of MJF from the film.


Hot Toys is known for detailed clothing on its figures and the same is the case here with layered clothing matching the same outfit worn in the film. Shirt, jeans, shoes, jacket, and puffer vest all present with great detailing in each down to the buttons & shoelaces. The jacket also has the pins he wore in the film as well. Awesome stuff!

As far as poses and articulation this figure can be set however you like. So far I have only attempted the classic pulling up sunglasses and checking watch (out of time) pose but there are endless options and I have included some other production shots displaying them as well.


Headphones around neck leading to the Walkman in vest pocket, watch on, glasses. Lots of accessories going on here.

This figure is truly a work of art and a incredible piece for any BTTF fan. The details, accessories, and overall build set this apart as we can only expect from Hot Toys. Will I get Doc to go with the set? Only time will tell….in the future.

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