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Unboxing: Hot Toys Spiderman Far from Home w/ Upgraded Suit

I’ve got a hot one for today’s unboxing as I take a look at the Hot Toys Spiderman Far From Home: Upgraded Suit Edition from the Movie Masterpiece series. Phew that’s a mouthful! Without wasting any time let’s get right into it.

Nice design on the front of the box with the slip cover giving sort of a holographic look to the web slinger graphic. Backside has the usual details as you get with HT figures.

Removing the slip cover shows the box design and some additional details on the back. Nice cover art on this one.

Once you open up the flap you get a nice clear shot of all the goods inside, this piece in particular comes packed with accessories and everything you need to be a friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Nice base stand with a cool graphic ontop, lots of “web” to set up different poses, & a nice detailed mini drone that can also be attached to the stand. More on this later.

Each of these padded pieces has a strand of web, some straight, some in a stylized look.

The under layer contains a multitude of accessories including 4 additional eye sets, glasses, cell phone, loose Spidey mask, and more hand poses then you know what to do with. Great stuff.

Close up shot of the drone fighter

The included instructional booklet shows how to setup many of these accessories, how not to break items, and how to set up the stand in various ways including a setup with the drone attached.

Ok let’s get to the good stuff. The figure comes with 2 head pieces – an unmasked face sculpt and a masked head. The face sculpt of Tom Holland is one of the best I have ever seen from Hot Toys. Beautifully crafted, fantastic paint job, and just a flawless piece in my opinion.

The masked version has great details as well with a beautifully designed mask, swappable eye pieces, and a Spiderman like texture.

Some more face sculpt shots since its just so nicely done, showing some different lighting angles.

The suit is made from soft goods cloth mixed with some leather/artificial leather like materials. Really well crafted with great detail. The instruction booklet does warn that if you post the figure in the same position for a extended period of time there can be some loosing of the suit – something to keep in mind if you plan to purchase this same figure. The suit is very tightly attached so I can see it getting loose if stretched out too much. Not a big deal as its always nice to change the post every now and then.

With the mask less head sculpt you can pair the loose Spidey mask in hand to give a nice look as if he has just experienced some crazy action and needed to take it off for a breather.

With so many accessories there are almost an endless amount of poses that can be created, especially with use of the double mounts on the stand for both the figure and drone.

With so much going on with this figure I definitely need to take some time to create some poses, will update this post again soon. For now here are more random shots of Spidey in action.

Here are a couple shots with the various eye design options.

The drone is a nice addition to give the figure even more depth and options for setup. It has it’s own adjustable arm.

Need to make a quick call.

Lot’s more pics coming soon after I have had some time to play around with this beast of a figure in a updated post. Overall I am very impressed as expected from Hot Toy’s and this wonderful figure. Did you enjoy this post? Great! I unbox and share items regularly so keep following actionpakd.com for all of our updates. If you are a fellow collector in Pakistan of action figures, collectibles, and more then join the Action Pak’d community on Facebook by clicking here for regular unboxings, giveaways, reviews, and more.



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