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Unboxing: Neca 1/4 Scale TMNT Raphael

Here at AP I can’t get enough of these epic TMNT 1/4 scale figures from Neca! Previously I unboxed and reviewed the Leonardo from the series, today we are taking a look at Raphael. I won’t do a full review (you can check out the detailed Leo review by clicking here) as this will be more of a unboxing gallery. At 18 inches tall and full of details matching the original TMNT movie, these Neca large scaled figures are some of the best I have ever seen.

The box arrived a bit banged up which would have been an issue if I planned to keep this sealed. But, as you know I like to let most of my figures breathe so the box will be tossed anyway. Now, onto the unboxing gallery for everyone’s favorite rude & crude turtle Raphael!

He’s not looking to pleased – better get him unboxed asap!

That’s one bada** looking turtle!

True to character, awesome paint jobs, & extensive articulation make these a must have for any die-hard TMNT collector. Seeing them in person is an experience in itself as their size and details really make you feel that a living, breathing, and shell kicking turtle is right in front of you. If you would like more details do check out the previous Leo 1/4  scale unboxing here.

The figure or almost statue due to its size comes with a nice set of accessories that include additional hands, a slice of pizza of course, & his sai.

The face sculpts are very “life-like” or as close as it could be for a giant sized mutant turtle.

As with the Leonardo figure, the details are all over including a nice paint job and detailing on the back shell.

Here he is paired with his brother Leo – together these really stand out and make me feel like I need to get the missing 2 to complete the set. Great details at a 1/4 scale size, very impressed overall.

To really get a an idea of the size of these giants here they are compared to their 6 inch versions from Neca. This really is turtle POWER!

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