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Unboxing: Neca TMNT Splinter & Baxter Stockman 2 Pack

You all know my love for everything TMNT. 2020 brought us some of the greatest turtle figures ever made with beautiful releases from Neca. I feel the Neca “cartoon” line, which is what we are checking out today, have the best look among all of the new releases. Really encompassing the classic cartoon style while giving them a retro/modern spin.  I will be sharing a full setup with many of the Neca cartoon figures this week.

Today I am unboxing the Splinter & Baxter Stockman 2 pack.  As always, fantastic packaging on these with the large display window & cartoon graphics all over which is consistent with the line. Front and back very well done as we have come to expect from Neca.

Splinter, of course, the father figure to the turtles and the source of their ninja skills. The OG rat you do not want to mess with! Baxter is a classic villain, always known for his crazy inventions to help Shredder try and defeat the green team.

Both of these figures come jam packed with accessories including extra hands, weapons, Baxter’s computer, a dojo mat for Splinter, necklace, and more. Really impressed with the number of extras with this pack – great stuff.

The figures are great. Both have a excellent cartoon likeness with the classic Neca cartoon lined art detail and fit in with the other figures in this series. Articulation, as with most Neca, can be hit or miss. Some joints may need a little working on before they start to bend in your favor. Not a big deal but just need to be careful to not snap anything off.

The whole line is a turtle fans dream come true and with constant releases we seem to be getting every character from the classic show.

I know many have requested a full turtle setup review and it’s coming soon, just waiting on a couple more pieces. I’ll be sure to share the bunch in the next week – turtle power!

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