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Unboxing: Neca TMNT The Mighty Metalhead

It’s always turtle time at Action Pak’d and today I have another Neca TMNT unboxing! A couple days back I checked out the Neca two pack of Baxter Stockman & Splinter (click here to view) and today I have the one and only Metalhead! As we all remember, Metalhead was a new weapon creation by Donatello in the classic turtle cartoons and is considered the fifth ninja turtle in the franchise. (though he was shown briefly in earlier iterations as a invention of Krang). This Neca figure is one of the most sought after – let’s get to the unboxing!

The front and back of the package are great as we have come to expect from the Neca cartoon line. Great graphics on the front showing the classic character with some poses and details on the back. As with mostly all the Neca TMNT figures this is figure is delicate. Try to bend or attach something in the wrong way and your bound to snap a part off. I already broke off the small red antenna on the back shell within a few minutes of opening. This can be common unfortunately for the TMNT Neca so these are not for play, display only!

The figure comes with tons of accessories including many additional weapons. There arm attachements that replace the robot hands with the classic Metalhead drill and of course the vacuum cleaner!

The chest of the figure opens up for even more attachments. I have yet to do this in fear of snapping a piece off but here is an image for reference. You can attach items to the inside of the front chest plate as seen below. The attachment piece itself is super delicate with very thin and easily breakable wires and connector piece.

The details on the figure are wonderful as is the case with all of the Neca TMNT cartoon line figures. Awesome cartoon look that matches the classic show, giving it the modern/retro feel. As I have said in the past, this is the greatest TMNT line of figures ever made (beside the vintage original 10).

I broke the small antenna coming off the shell, these are for display only!

Very cool figure. What’s next? I will be sharing the Neca Krang figure later this week!

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