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Unboxing: NECA TMNT The Wrath of Krang Deluxe Figure

The hits from Neca’s TMNT line keep coming! Today I am checking out this highly anticipated Wrath of Krang deluxe figure from TMNT. The box art and design is similar to previous single figure Neca releases like the Metalhead that I unboxed a short while back – click here to view that. 

Nice large cartoon graphic on the front with the back showing the figure in a few poses along with some of the accessories that it comes with. This figure is packed with a bunch of extras – let’s get to the unboxing!

Upon opening up the cover flap we can see all the items included in this pack -of course the Krang droid figure, Krang (brain), tons of hand replacements along with multiple weapon accessories. A great selection to choose from.

Along with that we also have a mini “baby Shredder” figure which is a nice added touch. If you remember from the classic cartoon, on the Technodrome, Krang creates one of his latest inventions: an age-reversing serum, which has the capability to de-age a living being into a helpless baby, which we see the result of here with Shredder. In another episode, Shredder falls into a fountain of youth that also transforms him into a baby/kid Shredder.

The figure itself is large and keeps in scale in comparison with the rest of the Neca cartoon line. The center of the figure can be detached so that the Krang brain can be inserted inside. It is a bit delicate as with all Neca TMNT releases so you need to be careful getting this little guy inside. I was worried that I may snap a piece off but luckily managed to avoid that. Once inside you can attach the brand hands to the control sticks which are movable. The weight of the figure does make it a bit hard to balance on its own so a additional stand for support may be needed.

The figure is a fantastic addition from Neca, towering over the Turtles and showcasing his size and power. The details are spot on matching the classic cartoon and truly brining this character to life. There is a included shower cap & towel, playing on some of the classic elements from Krang in the cartoon, which is pretty funny and a surprising addition. Here is a pic showing all angles of the fig.

As far as articulation, there isn’t much to do with this guy to be honest. Hes big, rigid, and, well, a robot. Krang was never one for martial arts style poses so this figure pretty much remains upright with a “I’m coming for you” type look.

As you can see here compared to Master Splinter, Krang stands tall and really stands out among the Neca line.

Here you can see the leader posed with the Neca Bebop & Rocksteady. Looking like a mean team! Very happy with this figure and am excited for what comes next in this fantastic line of TMNT figures.

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