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Unboxing: Neca Toony Classics Back to the Future Set

Many of you may be familiar with the Neca series of Back to the Future figures that I unboxed before, including Doc, Biff, and several versions of Marty which depicted the actors from the classic films. In case you missed that you can click here to check it out.

Today’s unboxing is also from Neca but with figures based on the BTTF animated series which aired for 2 seasons in 1991. The cartoon set reminds me of the TMNT cartoon line of figures with bright colors and dark “animated” type features.

The full set contains three figures, Biff, Doc, & Marty – let’s get to the unboxing! Here are the 3 characters with some cool BTTF designs at the box fronts. I like the everpresent Neca large display windows which work well for in the box collectors.

Based on their appearances in Back to the Future: The Animated Series, Marty, Doc, and Biff are making their way to the Toony Classics line, a fun take on beloved characters from film and television! Each standing approximately 6″ tall.

Each figure has the main character and a couple accessories and comes in a smaller sized blister pack. Let’s open up the boxes.

These may look a little different than the BTTF actors you remember but if you were a fan of the cartoon series Neca really got these spot on. I love the animated design with the dark edges and colorful paint job.

Marty comes with a hoverboard, guitar, and one extra hand for grip.

Here we see the classic bad guy Biff with two unique face sculpts wearing his bowling shirt as from the tv series. Man he could really use a teeth cleaning!

Of the 3 Doc comes with the most accessories which include his dog Einstein, a pair of glasses, stop watch necklace, a remote device, and two extra hands.

Overall these are a great addition to any BTTF collection and with each coming in around the $15 mark (Amazon) they are a steal. As with most Neca figures the articulation is a bit stiff but with these there isn’t too much posing to be done. Getting Marty on the hoverboard, Doc with his gadgets etc is an easy setup. I wish they created more characters from this classic cartoon but for now these 3 will do, perhaps we will see more…in the future.

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