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Unboxing: Sideshow & Iron Studios ThunderCats Mini Co. Statue Set

“Thunder, thunder, ThunderCats Ho!” Today’s unboxing is a fun one as I check out the full set of ThunderCats Mini Co. statues from Sideshow & Iron Studios. This set is comprised of all four main characters along with their pal Snarf. These cats pack a serious punch with some vibrant colors and details – let’s get to the unboxing.

The boxes are bright and vibrant with a nice window at the front and sides showing each character clearly with additional details on the back and images of all 4 statues.

This full set is comprised of Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, and their loveable (and at times annoying) friend Snarf who comes packed with Cheetara. From the first look at the boxes you can see that each of these really pop with great colors and cartoon details reminiscent of the classic TV series.

Each mini statue measures about 6 inches tall and has its own base at the bottom. Lion-O with his sword comes in a bit taller at 7.8 inches. These are statues so no articulation or movement though each is already posed in a nice stance for display. Here is a shot from Iron Studios to help give a better idea of the scale.

From Iron Studios:  Iron Studios is proud to announce the Thundercats Mini Co. Collectible Figures from the Mini Co. Series line! These hand-painted Thundercats collectible figures are the perfect size for any desk or shelf no matter the size of your collection! Collect Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara & Snarf, and Tygra!

– Creation: Iron Studios
– Made in plastic (PVC)
– Hand painted
– Includes base display

Lion-O is the leader of Lion-O the ThunderCats, owner of the Sword of Omens, a weapon that is used to call all Thundercats when they are in danger, It also has the Claw Shield, which fits in your hand to be used as a shield, shoots claws connected to super resistant wires and also releases gases of various types.

Tygra is one of the most powerful and versatile Thundercats, he is the scientist of the group as well as being an experienced architect. He is also the group’s deputy leader, taking charge of the group in situations where Lion-O cannot do so. Responsible for the creation and construction of Cat´s Lair, home of the heroes in the Third Earth, including all computer systems, electrical networks and energy generators.

Panthro is the one with the greatest physical strength in the group and is a master in martial arts, in addition to being an expert in mechanics and advanced technology. Among his creations, the following stand out: the ThunderTank combat vehicle, the space ship: Feliner used for the space adventures; the boards of the characters Willykit and Willycat and the aerial vehicles ThunderClaw and HoverCat.

Cheetara, the adult female representative of the group is a great warrior with impressive fighting skills, but her main power is her super speed, superior to any motorized land vehicle. However, it can only maintain this speed for short periods of time and distance, and can suffer from exhaustion if it exceeds this limit. Cheetara also has psychic powers like premonitions and visions, of which she has limited control and that makes her weaker.

Snarf, on the other hand, is the Thundercat´s mascot and before babysitting the young Lion-O, friendly, grumpy and fun, he is the comic relief of the series.

Overall this is a great set from Iron Studios. Each statue really depicts the cartoon character in small form with solid build quality & paint job. The full set together really brings out the power of Third Earth. I hope that we see some releases in the same format of the Thundercat villain’s as well to really complete the set.

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