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Unboxing: Spider-Man Marvel Legends Iron Spider Helmet

There is no denying that Spiderman is the most popular superhero on the planet right now coming off the huge success of the latest film. It’s Spider-mania all over which brings me to today’s unboxing of the Marvel Legends Iron Spider helmet. I just got this in hand a few mintues ago so will be borrowing some copy from Hasbro in the interest of time – let’s get to it!

The front of the box of course shows what we can expect inside with the shiny Iron Spider helmet pictured based of the character from Avengers Endgame. This helmet has taken the collecting world by storm with many places instantly going out of stock and others on long backorder.

The back shows the various functions of the helmet which include the light up eyes to red and blue depending on your Spidey mood. The fit seems similar to other Marvel Legend helmets with the adjustable strap and mechanics inside. Time to open this up.

Inside we get the helmet and a 2 page instruction manual for the light up functions. The helmet has a decent weight to it though like the others from Marvel Legends this too is made up of mainly plastic.

  • INSPIRED BY IRON SPIDER FROM THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE: Premium roleplay helmet with light-up FX inspired by the Tony Stark-designed Iron Spider technology that appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The helmet is quite impressive right out of the box with a very sharp red paint job that is very shiny and picks up a good amount of reflection, The eyes are large and in true Iron Spider style. Really nice look as we check out the side profile.

It feels quite solid with no loose or moving pieces. The front faceplate right above the eyes can be removed to reveal the battery pack area which takes 3X AA batteries to power up the eyes. The high gloss paint almost gives a polished car type look with very clean lines and reflections. Hasbro has done a beautiful job capturing the color and style of this version of Spidey at a reasonable price point.

  • GLOWING RED OR BLUE SPIDER EYES: This premium 1:1 full-scale electronic helmet features 2 LEDs for light FX in the eyes, offering red or blue lights and 6 settings

On the inside we have some padding as well as the light controls which consist of a small button that works on sequence. Press once for blue, then again for various intensity of light, followed by the set of red colors.

  • 4 DIFFERENT LIGHT SETTINGS: LED eye lenses glow in 6 different light settings: red or blue on low, medium, or high settings

  • PREMIUM QUALITY WITH ADJUSTABLE FIT: Premium collector helmet is adjustable to fit most adult head sizes, and featured detailed interior sculpting and design

  • MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES COLLECTOR HELMET: Premium roleplay helmet to complete any fan costume or collection with the quality design expected from the Marvel Legends Series

Since I just got this piece in today I haven’t really worn it much, not that I intend to regularly or anything. It does fit similar to other Legends helmets with a little extra padding. You can see through the lenses with reasonable degree but once the lights are turned on full brightness it can be a little tough. I wouldn’t suggest wearing it lit up for extended periods but you can put it on for some Spidey cosplay if you wish to do so.


Geared up in the Iron Spider armor, Spider-Man is ready for action! Bring home an iconic piece of Marvel movie lore with the Iron Spider Electronic helmet. Featuring light-up FX inspired by Spider-Man’s Iron Spider armor from Avengers: Endgame, this premium roleplay helmet makes a great gift for fans of Marvel’s Infinity Saga.

Marvel Legends Series Iron Spider Electronic Helmet

Marvel Legends Series Iron Spider Electronic Helmet

Marvel Legends Series Iron Spider Electronic Helmet


Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame marks the final chapter in the Avengers Infinity Saga. With the Marvel Legends Iron Spider Electronic Helmet, fans of the era-defining Marvel Cinematic Universe can own a premium roleplay item worthy of the Amazing Spider-Man.


This highly detailed 1:1 full-scale premium roleplay helmet features 2 LED eyes that glow in red or blue. Each color effect has 3 different adjustable settings, high medium and low, for 6 total. Designed by Tony Stark, when Peter Parker dons the Iron Spider armor he takes on a whole new array of abilities and powers…and the responsibilities of an Avenger. Gear up in the sleek Iron Spider Electronic helmet from the Marvel Legends Series and recreate Peter Parker’s web-swinging heroics across the battlefields of Marvel’s Infinity Saga.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man swings into cosmic adventure in the sleek Iron Spider armor!

The Iron Spider Electronic Helmet is adjustable to fit most head sizes and boasts intricate webbing and armor details throughout the exterior and interior of the helmet make this a must-have addition to any Marvel Legends collection.

Since the piece is so new I will revisit after I have had some time to test it out further but this is another awesome entry from Marvel Legends in their series of super hero helmets and is the best one I’ve seen yet. Time to swing into action until the next unboxing! Did you enjoy this post? Great! Keep following actionpakd.com for all of my unboxing and collecting news updated daily. If you are a fellow collector in Pakistan of action figures, collectibles, and more then join the AP community on Facebook by clicking here.  I post regular unboxings, giveaways, reviews, and more.

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