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Unboxing: Storm Collectibles 1/4 Scale Mike Tyson

I am back once again with another unboxing. This time taking back to the old format of image gallery based vs video. I will be continuing with more unboxing videos at AP YouTube but will mix it up with some image based ones as well.

Today’s item is a big one, in every sense of the word. I am unboxing the giant 1/4 scale Mike Tyson figure from Storm Collectibles. This beast of a figure/statue or whatever you want to call it stands at 18 inches tall and carries some considerable weight to it. Let’s get to the unboxing!

The outer brown box has the basic description on the outside, typical for what you see from Storm or Hot Toy’s type figures.

Once we open it up we can see the champ inside with a nice large display window at the front. Right from the start the size of this thing is something to behold. It seems the box got a bit damaged in shipping and the belts have moved around a bit but luckily I plan to rip this open so not a problem.

Once we remove the inner tray we have the baddest man on the planet looking quite mean, in a good way. He comes pre posed in a boxers stance along with his signature black shorts made of soft goods, gloves, a white cut off towel tee, and three of the prestigious belts he held during his career. Awesome stuff.

The belts are made of very high quality leather and metal – no plastic here. Impressive build on all of these with solid weight and feel. Great details up close as well matching the same belts he held as champion.

Moving on to the star of the show, Mike Tyson. As you can see he comes pre posed in this position. There is no articulation, similar to other 1/4 scale Storm statues, but I don’t mind that as the pre set pose works well. He looks like he is ready to get in the ring and rip someone’s face off.

And speaking of faces, let’s get right to the sculpt. Now obviously this is a very large statue so the quality can’t be expected to be the same as a Hot Toys style 1/6 but I have to say its quite good. Really captures a young Tyson with his expressions, details. and shading.

The paint job on the sculpt and entire overall figure is very well done & I am impressed. Awesome shading, details, muscular design (is that what you call it?) all around. Very realistic and lifelike.

This is one bada** looking piece. Tyson stands tall at 18 inches and has a very solid overall build. As mentioned before, the paint job, shading, and details make this a very life like piece which can be hard to do at this scale. There are various setups you can pose him in using the included accessories – with shirt or not, and then the choice of the 3 belts.

My personal favorite is setting him with all 3 belts which is reminiscent of a very famous photograph of Tyson during his heyday. The belts are very secure with solid metal closures and metal/leather so they display well.

Here you can see the 1/4 scale vs the 1/12 scale also by Storm Collectibles. Both wonderful pieces representing the champ. Overall this is a great piece for boxing fans and one that I have been after for sometime so I am happy to be able to add this to my sports collection.

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