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Unboxing: Super7 ReAction Back to the Future

It’s time once again to hit 88MPH as I unbox a few Back to the Future ReAction figures from Super7! The ReAction figure of retro remake figures has grown tremendously over the last year featuring characters from numerous TV shows and movies all in the vintage styled compact size and packaging. Today we will be looking at the BTTF2 versions of Marty, Doc, as well as Biff. Let’s get to it.

I love the packaging on all of the ReAction figures modelled after vintage figure packaging from the 1980’s. Basic boarding with the small bubble always reminds me of the classic Star Wars figures and make these figures great for in package display as well. Here we have the three characters each with a micro accessory as well. The back of the packaging for each is all the same showing the different character types from BTTF 1 & 2, including the three for today: Future Doc, Future Marty, and “bathrobe” Biff Tannen. Each figure measures 3 3/4-inch tall with 5 points of articulation.

The Future Marty comes in his iconic outfit comprised of the self drying jacket, air mag shoes, and future hat. Of course the detailing on these is not expected to be that sharp as they are a play off classic 3 inch figures from many of our childhoods.

Each figure does come with a small accessory and it wouldn’t be a proper BTTF2 Marty without the hoverboard!

Future Doc comes in his instantly recognizable yellow long coat and red shirt along with the non-removable silver glasses.

The micro accessory included here is his futuristic binoculars that you may remember he used in the film.

Finally we have the lying, cheating, & stealing Biff Tannen. This version of Biff is from the BTTF2 alternative 1985 where Biff has stolen the sports almanac and now has become a kingpin of sorts. It depicts him in his bath robe from the famous scenes where Marty discovers he has used the almanac to gain power and completely change Hill Valley in that time period.

Fitting with the films character, Biff micro accessory is the infamous Sports Almanac which helped him gain his fortune and changed the films timeline entirely.

All three figures have a great retro look and are true to the character albeit in their own form. A nice “little” addition to any BTTF collection.

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