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Unboxing: Weta Workshops Mini Epics Ghostbuster Figures

Today I am unboxing a new line of items from Weta Workshops. They create these cool vinyl figures from various tv shows, movies, and more. When I saw these Ghostbuster figures I couldn’t pass them up as they looked like a great set – lets get unboxing!

We have figures #01-03 from the set which includes Slimer, Egon Spangler, and Peter Venkman. All three figures are approximately 21-22cm tall and made from a solid vinyl material and come inside pretty awesome packaging with great box art.

This is some awesome box art.

Though the figures are cartoon representations of the characters they have great detail and really emote the Ghostbusters look and feel in cartoon form. First we’ll take a look at the Egon Spangler.

Classic worried look on his face, awesome details in his uniform and proton pack. This is a very well made vinyl figure/statue that doesn’t spare any of the details. PKE meter in hand, Egon is ready to bust some ghosts!

Peter Venkman who was always “not afraid of no ghosts” stands tall with his blaster ready to go incase they run into any trouble. Again, like the Egon he is fully suited with all his gadgets and proton pack.

The packs themselves have a decent amount of detail while the paint/shading on these figures bring them to life. Very impressed with both of these overall.

The true star of the show is the Slimer. Awesome details in this one depicting the green guy going after a plate of spaghetti. Tons of details in each part of this figure with a transparent ectoplasm base that really sets this figure apart – definitely one of the nicest Slimer figures I have ever seen.

You can picture him in action, slobbering down strains of pasta without a care in the world. The transparent ectoplasm base allows for some nice lighting as well when using a lighted stand (harder to see in the picture). Very cool stuff.


Overall I am very impressed with these figures from Weta. Great details, awesome poses, and a wonderful set all together. Looking forward to further releases by them.

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