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Unboxing: WWE Elite Ghostbusters Stone Cold & The Rock

Today’s unboxing has two of my collecting worlds colliding – WWE & Ghostbusters – as I unbox two WWE Elite Ghostbuster figures! Not too long ago WWE collaborated with the Ghostbusters franchise to release 4 elite figures showcasing superstars in full Ghostbuster attire. Let’s take a look at Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock!

Both figures come in Ghostbuster themed packaging which looks quite nice, with the typical WWE Elite large window box. No complaints here! The graphics on the from to the box depict slime oozing off the sides, a great touch to set these figures apart. Nice graphics on the sides which is standard for elites. I really like the oozing slime theme, these definitely stand out.

Let’s check in to the Smackdown Hotel first. The Rock figure comes with a instantly recognizable head scan with his signature raised eyebrow. As far as details are concerned, the figure is fully suited in Ghostbuster attire along with jumpsuit, proton pack, belt and wand. The clothing can also be removed to reveal a more “wrestling” look with a Team Bring It shirt & wrestling trunks as you would expect though I doubt many collectors will display it that way.

From WWE:Lay the smackdown on the dead with The Rock in Mattel’s WWE Elite Ghostbusters line. The Great One has a spot on headscan while equipped in a removable sleeveless jumpsuit. His in-ring gear consists of a “Team Bring It” shirt, black trunks featuring his name, adjustable elbow pads, black boots, and removable knee pads. The Rock also comes with a utility belt and proton pack accessory!”

Next we move on to the BMF Stone Cold Steve Austin. Like the Rock, Austin comes with full Ghostbuster gear. The details on the proton pack are not the best but good enough for what you can expect from a WWE Elite. For some reason the clothing on SCSA is a bit odd fitting, especially around the collar area. It rides up covering a bit of his face so it must be folded down a bit. Not a huge deal.

Also like the Rock, you can remove the jumpsuit to expose a classic Stone Cold wrestling attire. The figure also comes with his legendary vest that he often wore to the ring. The face scan isn’t the best and there are definitely better versions in the Elite lineup.

Overall I love these figures. Being a big Ghostbusters & WWE fan this mash-up was an exiting one for collectors like myself. The other figures in this line include John Cena, HBK, & The Undertaker. I hope to unbox all 3 of those as well in the near future. One thing is for sure – The Rock & Stone Cold ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

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