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Unboxing: WWE Hollywood Hulk Hogan Ultimate Edition

As I’ve mentioned before, 2020 was a stellar year for wrestling action figures. We saw some figures come to market that previously never existed, remakes from some classic matches and events, as well as the new lines of WWE Ultimate’s. Today I am unboxing what I feel, and many other collectors agree, is the best wrestling figure from all of 2020 – the Hollywood Hulk Hogan Ultimate Edition! Wrestling collectors and fans alike have been waiting for a true figure of Hogan from his NWO days and this one far exceeds any expectations.

From the packaging alone you know this is going to be special with the multiple head scans, glasses, feather boa, and accessories that the figure comes with. The inclusion of the NWO belt & Hogan NWO weightlifting belt is a great touch. An outstanding package overall.

The face scans are the best I’ve ever seen for Hogan giving you multiple options to choose from with the classic NWO black beard mixed with the iconic blond mustache. Really great stuff here. Enough talking – let’s get to the unboxing and picture gallery!

  • Recreate favorite WWE ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan moments from entrance to finisher — the Ultimate Edition action figure comes with swappable heads, interchangeable hands, and the ‘spray painted’ nWo WCW Championship!
  • The highly detailed 6-in / 15.24-cm tall action figure features life-like TrueFX facial detail to bring the Superstar to life!
  • Play out signature moves with 30+ points of articulation including an ab-crunch torso, butterfly joints, double-jointed arms and knees, and articulated toes.
  • Includes authentic bandana, sunglasses, and entrance shirt to pose ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan figure as he makes his way to the ring!
  • The WWE Universe can collect these figures to make their collection Ultimate 

Some great details in the boots, belt, & overall costume. Everything here is top notch and spares no expense in detail.

There’s a face scan for every pose. Weather you are going for the classic ripping t-shirt, flexing, or strumming the belt this pack has you covered!

It’s good to be Hollywood!

And of course we can not forget this NWO brothers – let’s check out Hogan with fellow NWO members Kevin Nash & Scott Hall. This is a tough looking group!

This Hogan truly lives up to the “ultimate’s” name and is a spectacular figure of the former leader of the NWO. The Ultimate’s line from WWE continues to takes figures to the next level with extensive detail, accessories, and recreation of some of the best characters in the history of the business. In the infamous words of the NWO – TOO SWEET!

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