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Unboxing: WWE Ultimate Edition John Cena

The champ is here! WWE’s line of Ultimate figures definitely live up to the name and are some of the best wrestling figures ever made. Previously I have unboxed other Ultimate figures including the Hollywood Hogan and today I am excited to share the face that ran the place for so many years, the one and only John Cena.

Packaging is as we have seen from other figures in this line with the red/white box and large clear window at the front showcasing all the items inside.

The side and back are covered with images of Cena and some history behind the figure. This figure style in particular is from Cena’s surprise return at the 2008 Royal Rumble in New York City. It was quite a cool moment as it came completely expected and the NY crowd was hot. Check out a quick clip below.

The figure matches the exact look with the black/orange HLR shirt & hat. Accessories included are his chain, shirt, hat, extra hand sets, extra face sculpts, and of course the Spinner WWE belt. Ultimate figures always come with a nice set of additional items which is a great plus, the included belt is great.

The face sculpts are great, some of the best ever made for Cena, with different expressions based on the pose you are trying to achieve. Great articulation with almost unlimited posing options thanks to the new joint system.

As with other Ultimate edition figures, this is the best figure of Cena I have seen yet. While Elite’s have been great this year, the Ultimate line has taken the wrestling figure game up a notch and has become the standard for top tier wrestling figures amongst collectors & the prices on these, especially the older ones, reflect that as well.

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