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Unboxing: WWE Wrestlemania Moments Macho Man & Andre the Giant

When it comes to wrestling figures, 2020 was a blockbuster year. With so many great releases there was a lot of choose from for wrestling fans of all generations. With that said, today I am unboxing two of my favorite figures from 2020 – WrestleMania Moments Macho Man & Andre the Giant!

Both figures are a classic throwback to Wreslemania 3 which saw the wrestlers come down to the ring on ring carts – which are included with each. This Wreslemania is historic for many reasons with matches that are still talked about to this day. The ring carts were a great addition to the event and collecting fans like myself were excited to hear they would be included with the figures.

First let’s take a look at the Macho Man Randy Savage. His outfit/attire is true to WM3 with the classic Macho pink with white stars – one of his most iconic outfits. True to form we have his instantly recognizable sunglasses as well.

The ring cart is such a cool accessory with these figures, resembling a mini ring complete with ropes and WWE turnbuckles. Awesome display stand.

WM3 saw the Macho Man (accompanied by Ms Elizabeth) face Ricky the Dragon Steamboat in what is considered by many as a top 5 wrestling match of all time.

It was only fitting that I pair Macho with his one true love Elizabeth to complete a nice setup with the pair. In the words of Macho “Ohhhh Yeaaaah!”

Now let’s move on to the 8th wonder of the world, Andre the Giant! WM3 saw what is probably the most historic match in WM history – Andre vs Hogan. This was a breaking point in the industry that saw Hogan emerge as a true wrestling icon who would go on to carry the business for decades to come. The infamous slam hear around the world with Hogan picking up and body slamming Andre (something no one had ever one before) still sends chills up your spine as a wrestling fan.

“Celebrate iconic WrestleMania Moments with WWE Superstar legend action figure Andre the Giant! Capture the legend’s WrestleMania III entrance to the ring with the included authentic real-rolling ring cart. The 6-in / 15.24-cm scale figure features life-like True FX facial detailing and multiple points of articulation.”

The figure has a nice Andre face scan from this time period and of course the classic ring cart as well. I paired Andre with his long time manager Bobby the Brain Henan, who also accompanied him to the ring during this match.

Overall I love this set from WWE  and hope they do more like this. The details, included ring carts, and selection of characters is fantastic and two of the best WWE releases from all of 2020! Speaking of WM3, I have a truly one of a kind collectible from this event that I will be sharing from my collection vault…More on that coming soon!

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