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Vince McMahon Not Allowed Inside WWE HQ According to Former WWE Employee

Vince McMahon is unable to enter WWE Headquarters due to his ongoing lawsuit against Janel Grant.

Former WWE employee Tom Carlucci revealed this news during a recent interview on The Insider. Carlucci says that McMahon had always wanted the corporate team in one building after the new HQ design, which used to be two buildings.

He can’t even walk in the building…that’s crazy that you drive by that building [and] you got that big championship belt. He always wanted us from day one…because we were in two different buildings. We had the corporate off exit 9 and then we were right down the street from the corporate office. Our big production studio. He always wanted us under one roof. That was his dream to have us under one roof. The dream came and he’s not even a part of it anymore.

However, Carlucci states that McMahon is not allowed anywhere near or inside the building, including the state-of-the-art gym inside WWE HQ that he helped design.

The gym was created for Vince. He designed the gym with his trainer Mike, who I know really well. He can’t even go in that gym anymore. He can’t step foot anywhere. Every meeting that goes on over there — you’ll never see Vince here again, from the TKO people. It is crazy when you think about it that he’s the legacy.

McMahon continues to be under federal investigation from Grant’s lawsuit. He was forced to resign from WWE in the Summer of 2022, but made his way back in after brokering the Endeavor deal.

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