Walmart Exclusives = Money In The Bank – Wrestling Figure News

Wrestling Figure News Podcast’s Justin Kendall and A Toy Kinda Mood’s Travis Moody share their most wanted wrestling attires from WWE Money In The Bank and AEW Forbidden Door.

Justin and Travis also break down the latest wrestling action figure news, with a lot of Walmart exclusives hitting some stores now, including the SummerSlam shipper with Monday Night War Elites. Plus, the Walmart “exclusive” AEW Supreme Sting is showing up in GameStop stores in Canada. They also discuss the AEW Ringside exclusive Jeff Jarrett, Ringside exclusive Steiner Brothers and recent purchases, including WWE Elite 111.

The show wraps with a discussion of independent toy makers, including San Diego Comic Con exclusives, PowerTown Series 2 and the Regium mid-1990s figures. 

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