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What Triple H Promised to WWE Talents In Pre-RAW Backstage Meeting, More Backstage Notes

WWE officials held a talent meeting before tonight’s SummerSlam go-home edition of RAW from Madison Square Garden in New York City.

New WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations & Head of Creative Triple H led the meeting and spoke, according to Fightful Select. Talent sources reportedly noted that the meeting went really well, and that there was a lot of optimism surrounding the change in creative from others in the company.

Regarding tonight’s pre-RAW meeting, Triple H reportedly led the talks and promised transparency to talent, which some don’t believe has existed under the previous regime led by Vince McMahon, who retired this past Friday.

Triple H also said he wants open lines of communication between himself and the talent. He also said he wants work to be fun.

Triple H wanting open lines of communication with talent is interesting as waiting for hours for the chance to maybe speak to Vince had become commonplace in recent years, and face time with Vince had been dwindling.

As we’ve noted, it was initially revealed on Wednesday, June 15 that WWE’s Board of Directors has been investigating Vince over the “secret $3 million settlement” he made to the former paralegal that was hired in 2019. Laurinaitis was also being investigated for his involvement, and it was revealed that the Board had been looking into other instances with former female employees as well. It was then announced on Friday, June 17 that Stephanie McMahon returned from her leave of absence to act as the Interim CEO & Interim Chairwoman after Vince voluntarily stepped away from his Chairman & CEO corporate duties, while still continuing his creative responsibilities, at least at that time. It was then revealed on Monday, June 20 that Bruce Prichard, WWE’s Senior Vice President and RAW/SmackDown Executive Producer, was working as the Interim Senior Vice President of Talent Relations, filling in for Laurinaitis during the investigation. It was then revealed on Friday, July 8, that McMahon agreed to pay more than $12 million in “hush money” to four women, including a former wrestler, as another round of allegations were made public. Prichard is no longer working the interim role as WWE announced on July 22 that Triple H is the new WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations. Vince’s retirement was announced hours after Triple H’s new role was revealed, and Vince was the first to confirm that Stephanie is the new Chairwoman & Co-CEO, along with Co-CEO Nick Khan. Laurinaitis is believed to be gone from the company. WWE announced today, July 25, that Triple H is also the new head of creative. WWE also announced today that previous financial statements are being revised due to “certain unrecorded expenses” by Vince, in the amount of $14.6 million, which are the payouts to various women. It was also revealed today that the federal government is investigating the McMahon payouts. You can find full details at the links below, including statements from Vince and Stephanie, full details on the anonymous e-mails that led to the investigations, the “hush money” pacts, and more.

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