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Wrestling Legend Says Betting In WWE Would “Destroy The Creative Process”

Lance Storm is not a fan of WWE potentially allowing betting on high-profile matches, which may potentially occur in the states of Colorado, Michigan, and Indiana.

In case you missed it, WWE is in talks with several State Gaming reps about allowing fans to bet on match outcomes even though they are predetermined. If it goes through, writers, producers, and wrestlers would not learn the finish to matches until the very last moment as to not compromise storylines or lead to any shady gambling. Suffice to say it would drastically change the way WWE books storylines going forward.

That’s what Storm thinks at least. The Canadian wrestling legend responded to a post made from the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, where he explained how crucial it is for creative to know the finish beforehand.

Storm writes, “Insane. Finishes are a crucial aspect of story telling. It would destroy the creative process. You’d have to go back to a single Booker who everyone trusts and will keep his mouth shut. Writers can’t write or collaborate if they can’t discuss finishes.”

You can read the latest update on WWE allowing betting here. Check out his post below.

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