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“WWE Employees Thanked Me For telling That Story Out Loud”

EC3 recently spoke with Sportskeeda about the controversial Velveteen Dream, which included the CYN creator responding to Dream’s claims that he was too drunk at the infamous NXT party the threw many years ago, the same party that EC3 accused Dream of setting up his phone to film people using the bathroom. The original story can be found here, with Dream’s comments here. Check out EC3’s latest update below.

Says WWE employees thanked him for revealing the bathroom story as it assured that Dream would never return to the company:

“What else could I possibly even say or bother to address? It’s done. He recorded people trying to urinate in my bathroom. That’s the truth. You asked me a question regarding this man who I haven’t thought about in many years, and that story came to mind. WWE employees thanked me for telling that story out loud, so there is no thought of bringing him back to the company from those said employees.”

Denies that he was too drunk to remember anything that night:

“No, I was a hundred percent sharp that night because no matter how much alcohol you have in life you do not forget the fact you walk into a restroom to see a camera recording looking directly at the toilet. So, no, there was no cloudiness about that, and all the accusations of confusion about who he was and, ‘We’re not friends. It’s childish banter, it’s very unfortunate, and I’m very sorry he’s going through such a hard time, especially with the law and obvious drug issues that he was arrested for.”

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