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WWE NXT Level Up Results For This Week

WWE taped some matches for this week’s episode of WWE NXT Level Up prior to the live episode of WWE NXT.

Ahead of the weekly two-hour episode of the NXT on USA program, three matches took place for the weekly WWE NXT Level Up show.

Featured below, courtesy of PWInsider.com, are spoiler results of the bouts taped prior to WWE NXT for this week’s WWE NXT Level Up.


* Malik Blade defeated Cutler James via a Lo Down style Frog Splash.

* Tatum Paxley defeated Layla Diggs via Psycho Trap.

* Hank Walker and Tank Ledger defeated Dion Lennox and Uriah Conners via powerslam/crossbody combination. Lennox and Conners had trouble getting on the same page during the match having some verbal disagreements before Lennox got knocked into Conners knocking Conners off the apron before the match ended.

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