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WWE Taking Measures To Encourage U.S. Crowds To Replicate Fans From WWE Backlash: France

The crowd inside the LDLC Arena during WWE’s recent visit to Lyon-Décines, France was crazy.

WWE is hoping for future crowds to repeat the ring entrance for one particular WWE Superstar at the WWE Backlash: France show.

Fightful Select is reporting that the ring entrance for “Main Event” Jey Uso was well-received during the WWE Backlash: France premium live event.

So much so that the company is encouraging future crowds, hoping they replicate the cell phone flash light routine for the crowd wave during the ring entrance for the “YEET!” master of WWE.

The company will reportedly dim the lighting inside venues going forward during “Main Event” Jey Uso’s ring entrances at shows, hoping this will help continue the trend.

WWE will also showcase any mainstream crowds using Uso’s theme on television every chance they get.

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